Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Arizona Legislature’s 10 Worst Bills of the 2010s

Among progressive circles near and far, Arizona is widely considered a laughing stock for many of the regressive bills drafted– and sometimes passed– by its Republican-controlled legislature. But to those negatively affected by many of these measures, they are no laughing matter. Last week, both houses of the state legislature approved SB 1062, the so-called “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” which aims to “restore” the right of Arizona business owners to refuse service to anyone whose beliefs, appearance, lifestyle choices, association or even genetics (think LGBT) don’t jibe with their particular religious beliefs, however odious, discriminatory or mythical those may be.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

More of the Same

"This past January, House Republicans announced what they call a “step by step process to common sense Immigration Reform,” the sum of which regurgitates the same old enforcement and punitive-based framework that we’ve seen for nearly a year. It calls for more border militarization, more criminalization of immigrants, biometric tracking systems, and harsher penalties for those they deem in violation. The Republicans in the House have put forward a scheme completely in line with previous prescriptions, such as the Safe Act, proposed by the House Judiciary Committee in June, and the Senate Bill that was passed in April 2013."

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

As cinzas

“Está morto”, disseram todos, um por vez, olhando para mim. Imediatamente tomaram os primeiros preparativos. Telefonaram para a funerária, fizeram as primeiras ligações para amigos e familiares distantes. Ninguém chorava. Havia alguma comoção (não quero ser injusto), mas nenhuma demonstração de surpresa. Era como se reagissem ao anúncio da morte como maratonistas ao tiro de largada: começaram a mover-se adiante, sem pressa, mas com método. Dois ou três foram até o quarto, pegar terno e gravata, já pensando no velório, nos convidados. Vai ficar bem bonito, ouvi alguém dizendo lá de dentro, o som abafado pela distância.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Is Snow Made from Wastewater Safe for Skiers?

No Shit Snow by Xomiele on Flickr.

Is Snow Made from Wastewater Safe for Skiers?
"The Arizona Supreme Court has greenlighted a lawsuit that the Hopi Tribe brought against the city of Flagstaff, Ariz. for selling wastewater to a local ski resort to make fake snow. In a procedural victory, the tribe has won the right to proceed with its lawsuit challenging Flagstaff’s 2002 decision to sell reclaimed wastewater to the Arizona Snowbowl ski area, on claims that the wastewater snow creates a “public nuisance.” The Arizona Court of Appeals last April had overturned a trial judge’s dismissal of the case in 2011. The city then asked the supreme court to review the appeals court ruling, but the petition was denied on Jan. 7."
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Óyeme Voz: U.S. Latin@ & Immigrant Communities Re-Sound Citizenship and Belonging

Arizona SB 1070 Protest, May 2010 by xomiele

Óyeme Voz: U.S. Latin@ & Immigrant Communities Re-Sound Citizenship and Belonging
"Citizenship is (mis)understood as a privilege that guarantees protection by the nation-state. The current nation-state’s dominant discourse of national security creates draconian federal, state, and local legislation that belie immigrants’ differences. Rising anti-immigrant rhetoric attempts to homogenize both Latinas/os and immigrants as criminals. In other words, such discourse is used to justify the nation-state as the reference point for recognizing a legitimate community. The Department of Homeland Security’s agenda deems who may be tolerable and who is deportable, even if you are a U.S. citizen. Distinguishing, for example, between exceptional students who “deserve to be here” and those who do not, creates a hierarchy of immigrants. Consequently, public discourse over the worthiness of recognition and belonging creates limitations that categorize immigrants in restrictive ways. Similarly, attacks on bilingual education and ethnic studies attempt to displace Latinos as foreign and “alien” within US territories."
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Sunday, January 5, 2014

A thin blue line: how Facebook deals with controversial content

A surveillance camera, downtown Flagstaff. By xomiele.

A thin blue line: how Facebook deals with controversial content
"Stories of Facebook allowing beheading videos but removing breastfeeding images, and then reversing the decision to allow graphic violence after public uproar, has led many to question how Facebook should treat controversial content. Australian users, for example, were enraged by Facebook’s initial refusal to take down an Aboriginal Memes page last year, although Facebook also later reversed that decision and removed the racist page."
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Monday, December 30, 2013

Oklahoma Saw Three Mass Shootings in 2013

"As the new year approaches, the media is looking back on 2013, highlighting the news and culture stories that made headlines. Gawker, however, looked back at “The Year in Mass Shootings,” highlighting the horrible events that represent “a fraction of all U.S. victims of gun violence.” The term “mass shooting” is widely debated and has no set definition or criteria. According to the FBI, a “mass murder” is considered a single incident in which the perpetrator kills at least four people, not including him/herself, with no distinct period of time between the murders. Mother Jones classifies a “mass shooting” with the following criteria..."

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Universidades Americanas verificam sua nota e seu Facebook

Under Surveillance by xomiele, on Flickr

Universidades Americanas verificam sua nota e seu Facebook
"A Kaplan - http://press.kaptest.com/ -, uma empresa do grupo que edita o jornal Washington Post (EUA), realizou uma pesquisa com 381 universidades americanas e constatou que 31% delas consultam as páginas das redes sociais dos candidatos durante o processo de admissão.
Alguns já foram reprovados, como conta a repórter Natasha Singer em uma reportagem no NYTimes ("They Loved Your G.P.A. Then They Saw Your Tweets"), publicada em 09/11/2013.
E no Brasil?"
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Steve Chapman on Demolishing Guns and Common Sense

Guns by xomiele, on Flickr

Steve Chapman on Demolishing Guns and Common Sense
"In the course of their duties, Chicago police come into possession of all sorts of contraband: jewelry, video games, bicycles, cars. They sell the stuff through online auctions that are open to the public. They also confiscate some 10,000 firearms each year, with an estimated value of $2 million. They sell them and put the $2 million through a shredder. Just kidding, writes Steve Chapman. It would be insane to shred large stacks of perfectly good money. What they actually do is destroy the guns. That way, there's no money to destroy. At a time when the city of Chicago has reduced the size of the police force because of budget pressures, Chapman notes, you'd think it would not lightly forgo such a handsome sum. But it does."
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Talkback: Commuting: it's not the destination, it's the journey

Commute Work, Commute, Sleep... by xomiele

Talkback: Commuting: it's not the destination, it's the journey
Are you a commuter? It’s estimated around 9 million of us commute to and from work daily, and on average we spend somewhere between 3 and 4 hours a week just travelling to work. But how do we all get there, and who do we meet along the way?
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Street Artists: Jetsonorama

Jetsonorama by xomiele.

Street Artists: Jetsonorama
"Jetsonorama's story is pretty incredible, you see, he is a 55 years old doctor who has left his career and started wheat pasting water tanks with people portraits mainly from the Navajo community. It all started in the 1980's with the hip hop culture but he really changed his life after a sabbatical year in Brazil where he met some street artists that created a great impression on him. He calls this "The Art of the Rural".

La historia de Jetsonorama es bastante acojonante, el tío es un licenciado en medicina de 55 años que influenciado por la cultura del hip-hop de los 80 y sobre todo por un año sabático que pasó en Brasil donde conoció varios artistas urbanos decidió pasar a pegar carteles de gente en fachadas, sobre todo de personas de la comunidad de Navajos. El lo llama "El arte de lo rural".
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Immigration: The reform debate and mixed alliances

Illegal Migration is Unfair: Argument
Illegal Migration is Unfair: Argument by xomiele.

Immigration: The reform debate and mixed alliances
"The immigration reform debate has always created alliances uncommon in regular domestic political battles, as illustrated in this LA Times story.
So moderate and upper-class Republicans and liberals join together. Working-class Democrats and working-class Republican often band together in opposition, joining many of those who live in the area most impacted by the smuggling of illegal immigration — Arizona of late."
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Francijā universitātēs grib aizliegt jebkādu reliģisku simbolu nēsāšanu

Rosary on Cowboy Shirt
Rosary on Cowboy Shirt by xomiele.

Francijā universitātēs grib aizliegt jebkādu reliģisku simbolu nēsāšanu
"Francijā izskanējis aicinājums paplašināt spēkā esošos ierobežojumus reliģisko simbolu nēsāšanai un līdzīgu aizliegumu noteikt arī valsts universitātēs, pirmdien vēstīja izdevums «Le Monde»."
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

12 Things Americans Love That The Rest Of The World Finds Bizarre

"Guns" by Xomiele

12 Things Americans Love That The Rest Of The World Finds Bizarre
"A few weeks ago, we brought you the highlight responses to a Reddit list asking what things Americans do that the rest of the world finds bizarre.
Of course, there's an endless list of things that reveal major cultural differences.
Today, we bring you a follow-up list to a related thread: which is also on Reddit.
Here were some key ones."
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Misión, Visión, Valores y Objetivos

Route 66

Route 66 by Xomiele.

Misión, Visión, Valores y Objetivos
"Tus Valores
Conozco a mucha gente que siente que hay algo en su vida que no encaja. Y paradójicamente, no necesariamente estas personas trabajan como animales. Conozco a personas que trabajan muchísimo y se lo están pasando estupendamente (yo, por ejemplo) y otras personas que trabajan muchísimo y están hartos de todo. Y conozco a personas que no dan un palo al agua y se sienten desgraciados, y otras que no dan un palo al agua y están felices y contentos."
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