Friday, November 19, 2010

DREAM Act Article Round-up November

DREAM Act Protestor in Phoenix

19 November 2010 Rocky road ahead for DREAM Act
"After failing to win comprehensive immigration reform during a period when Democrats controlled both the White House and Congress, immigration proponents are now hoping to use the lame-duck session to snag an 11th-hour consolation prize: the DREAM Act.

On Tuesday, President Obama pledged to personally lobby resistant members of Congress to support the bill. But even though the DREAM Act has drawn Republican support in the past, it's unclear whether the White House can win over enough Senate Republicans to make up for the handful of Democrats who are expected to vote against the bill."

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1 November 2010 Reid Promises DREAM Act Vote in Lame Duck, Win or Lose
"Harry Reid told Univision he would put forward a vote on the DREAM Act in the lame-duck session, regardless of the outcome of the midterm elections on Tuesday."

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