Monday, July 2, 2012

Ten Thousand Questions: Faking it

Straw Man
Straw Man by xomiele

Ten Thousand Questions: Faking it
When do you have to pretend to be someone or something that you aren’t?

Most of the time on Facebook with my family and friends. There is a powerful familial push to make peace rather than cause a stir with opinions that go against the grain. My family is ultra-conservative, rabid Obama haters, anti-gay, anti-government, blah, blah, blah. So to keep the peace, I tread carefully when posting opinion on said social medium.

As a former fundamentalist I understand this mindset. America breeds it, especially when all you watch on television is Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio. I used to do both. The tone on these programs is hysterical liberal baiting and bashing. Rather than reasoned discussion, they offer alarmist scenarios that use straw men and slippery slope arguments to get the public riled up.
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