Monday, May 10, 2010

Wives Caught Cheating

Dog Walker at the Telo
Dog Walker at the Telo
Dog Walker outside the Telo (a secret hotel for lovers)

In starting the xomiele project, I decided not to editorialize or pick and choose which sites to feature, but instead, to let things happen organically. As I found blogs and news outlets with my photographs, I would simply add a post with the image, quote the article, and then add the site to the blogroll on the right. The goal was to create a kind of "electronic newspaper" based on my photos, while experimenting with art marketing tactics for my day job (and adding just a dash of social giving). With potential users around the globe, there was no way I would agree politically or spiritually with every news report and blog that featured my photographs, but I looked at it as a great way to open myself up to some new thoughts and opinions, and maybe broaden my horizons a bit.

However, websites that exist solely to push advertisements while offering no editorial content go against the terms of the noncommercial Creative Commons License I chose.

I was on the fence about posting this website originally, and had arguments with friends about "the purity of the project" and whether or not simply including a [NSFW] tag was editorializing. In the end I posted it because it was an opinion blog, and someone chose this image (although the website implies I posted it). That was fine until the porno fairy came along a few months later and dusted the page with graphic ads-a-plenty. So the hammer falls, and the site is off the RSS Feed. You can click through to see it but be warned, as of this writing both the ads and content are [NSFW]: link.

More banned content...

Read more about Exploring Commercial versus Noncommercial Use.
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