Sunday, July 4, 2010

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Bikini Girl 2
Bikini Girl 2
A woman walks out into the water on the beach in Rocky Point, Mexico

Here is another page that started off with just a touch of T&A, then blossomed overnight into an ad-o-rama website. I felt at first glance that a site dedicated to bikinis would provide a nice "Page 3 Girls" kind of diversion from some of the more difficult topics that come up on the feed. How bad could a bikini blog be, anyway? Unless you are in the Middle East or the USA, it's probably even okay for work.

Like many sites that build an audience first prior to commercializing, the site was suddenly awash in ads one day. I did find the delivery method interesting, though. A series of centerfold-looking topless photographs amateur girls covered the page. They were just pictures, not porn, so I almost let it go until I moved around the page. They're all ads, of course. Activated on a mouseover. Although they feature topless women, the ads aren't for sex sites, but rather big names like Dish Network and At&t. I'm not sure if anyone in their marketing departments approved these ads, but I'm sure they get some clicks. Sex sells, no doubt. and seem to be the brains behind the advertising operation, allowing you to overlay advertisements on images, but once gain, with so many ads on just one page and no content, I had to bid the site "adieu"...

But bikinis and topless advertisements remain here [NSFW Link].

Read more about Exploring Commercial versus Noncommercial Use.
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